---UNOFFICIAL Jared Harris Fansite---

Tumblr happened to lack Jared Harris.
Therefore --> JH appreciation tumblr.
For my very own entertainment.

Submissions, asks, confessions and picspams are very welcome.

is any kind of hate. Some people think that since it is the internet, they can be as rude as they want. Please take your hate somewhere else.

Thank you

Happy Birthday, Jared Harris! 

Dear Jared,

Happy Birthday!

We are so proud of your incredible work; the diverse range of characters which you play so inimitably, and the thoroughly deserved recognition that you have achieved.

Onwards and upwards - #JaredHarrisForYoungDumbledore! ;)

Love and support always,

- fuckyeahjaredharris

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The Quiet Ones - Exclusive Deleted Scene di dreadcentral

Deleted Scene of The Quiet Ones [x]


Jared Harris interview in Port Magazine

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Jared Harris at the Mad Men party (In the second pic he’s signing a bottle)

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Jared Harris (ph: David Clerihew)


Jared Harris (ph: David Clerihew)

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Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris) behind the scenes.


Jared Harris