---UNOFFICIAL Jared Harris Fansite---

Tumblr happened to lack Jared Harris.
Therefore --> JH appreciation tumblr.
For my very own entertainment.

Submissions, asks, confessions and picspams are very welcome.

is any kind of hate. Some people think that since it is the internet, they can be as rude as they want. Please take your hate somewhere else.

Thank you

Author’s Note 

Hey guys! I recently hopped on board as Admin #3 for fuckyeahjaredharris. I’m excited and I’ll do my part to add exciting stuff to this blog!



As you might have noticed, we are not very active lately.
This is pretty much the fault of Admin#1, because I am a slothy sloth.

NO, basically; A  LOT is going on in my life right now.
I have reached the point every adult reaches eventually, where I had to ask myself what I want from life, and if I want to work in my profession until the end of my days, wither away with my 2 cats and live the life of a boheme or if I want to finf a guy, settle down, get a golden retriever and get a nice family.

I have not come to any kind of conclusion yet, while I am feeling that I am slowly running out of time. The whole thing is called ‘Torschlusspanik’, roughly translates into ‘gate closing panic’.

So if ANY of you would like to become our 3rd Admin, hit me up in my inbox. I adore my lovely Admin#2, but I cannot have the poor soul running the blog all alone. They need some help.
Any volunteers?

Also, can anybody tell me if those really cool THE QUIET ONES posters are official and available for purchase somewhere?


a/n; I really need to update the tags in the navigation section. I will be a good admin and do that tomorrow. 

Anonymous whispered, "Why did you copy fyjaredharris? Please delete your blog or I will tell Allegra Riggio. Thank you. S."

I don’t even know how to reply to this.
I did not copy anybody. If you roam through the archive, you will come to realize that this blog was created BEFORE fyjaredharris. In case you still refuse to believe it afterwards - yes. Feel free to contact her. She will tell you the very same.

The Owner.


There is now a TAG section in the navigation bar on the left.
STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION, for I have to re-tag pretty much everything.

IN other news:
A big, fat THANK YOU to all my followers.
Do you know that feeling when you go to bed and eventually wake up, grumpy because it is probably already 5am and your alarm is about to go off any minute, only to glance at the alarm clock and realize it is merely 1am and you still got SIX more hours of sleep ahead? This amazing moment of uttery and pure Happiness? 
That’s how you make me feel.
You people are amazing. Thanks for following this blog.

I am SO, SO sorry for my absence. 

Life was catching up with me.
I was super super uber busy, and therefore had to neglect the lovely internet and this blog for a while.

Thanks for your patience, my lovelies! 

For a few people have been asking, short explanation:

I am not posting MorMor on here in general. I am reblogging some cute drawings from time to time, but that’s about it. Call me a prick, but I just don’t think it would fit into here.



As a result of my exams finally being over….expect a lot of posts in the near future.


Thank you, my dear followers.
You are an amazing and awesome crowd.
I squee every time when I get on and see all the notes. Yes. That is a very mature thing to do.
Loads of love from Germany.

That awkward moment… 

…when you have a GIF to post an tumblr is being the antichrist.
My apologies, but whenever I upload, all we get is a still.

Haters Gonna Hate 

After receiving some VERY lovely and VERY mature hatemail today, I have to say TWO things.

Number 1:

"ura". "Ura" is not a word. It is not two words, neither is it three words in case you were going for "u r a"
"You are a" <—- THIS. Keep it in mind for the next hate mail you are going to send out.
No need to thank me.

Number 2:

My lovely Hater/Hateress, since you were so very, very mature, let me respond to your mail in a way you will understand:

That would be all.
Enjoy you evening.